About Us

Our Approach


We make sure you get excited on every single tour, by going the extra mile, to search for wildlife.  Our tour guides also make sure you see Yellowstone and Grand Teton features that you will remember for a very long time.  Yellowstone tours are fun, and you will experience it.

Our Story

Six years ago in 2012, we got into the business of guiding guests into Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks.  It was exciting then as it is now.  There is something about going into the park that makes you alive and well.  It brings joy into our guests faces.  You can tell from the smiles, comments and discussions.  That is what brings fulfillment to us.  It is just fun to share what we know about the park.  Make it a point to book your tour with our company.

We have excellent reviews on TripAdvisor that you may want to look at. We will post just one.

"Was very impressed with our driver Moses on this wonderful trip to Yellowstone. The first day we tried to go the gates were closed due to the weather. He was able to get us in on another trip the next day so we were still able to go. When there was some confusion on what was included in the trip he called TripAdvisor right away to straighten out the details. Would highly recommend him!"  June 2017. Go to TripAdvisor.com, type Yellowstone Safari Day tours, Jackson Wyoming and read 30 more reviews.

Meet the Team

Moses Yamtal began offering tours into Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton in 2012.  Since then the company has seen steady growth.  Thanks to the interest our customers have shown in our scenic and wildlife tours.

Next Steps...

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